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There is a variety of reasons why an individual may require homecare assistance also known as domiciliary care. This could vary from age, infirmity or various illnesses such as Dementia, Spinal injury, Personal injury and so on. These infirmities can make it difficult to cope with caring out every day Personal Care task. We understand that this could not only be frustrating but also lower an individual’s self-esteem.

Therefore our fully trained, qualified and experiences care workers can assist you with various personal care needs. This could be getting washed, getting dressed, making breakfast, feeding, dispensing medication. Whatever it is we are guaranteed to bring a reliable, professional, person centred homecare service which is tailored to your individual need.

Our aim is to keep you empowered, give you full control to the type of care you require and deliver it the way you require us to, treating you with Compassion, Dignity and Respect. We understand that every customer is unique in their own way, therefore or organisation respects and value equality we are diverse in the way we deliver our service as we understand that each individual is different therefore their support plan will reflect this.

Trust us to deliver your homecare service today whether it is a lot of help you require or small amounts of help from time to time Jireh homecare can support you with:

  • A Morning call to start your day: We can wake you up, assist with a shower, wash or a bath, we can support you with getting dressed, we can make your breakfast of choice, we can assist with brushing teeth, going to the toilet, whatever your morning routine consist of we are guaranteed to assist you.
  • A Tuck in call at night: We can get you ready for bed, change into night clothes, get you into bed.
  • Medication assistance: Making appointments with your health care professional, prompting, Assisting or administering medication.

Whatever the homecare service you require we will be able to advise and assist you.

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